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Sexual Health

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Family Planning

Erectile Dysfunction 

At Harbor Town Pharmacy, we take your privacy very seriously. We offer discrete online refills and private messaging on our free App. We also offer generic Cialis (tadalafil) and generic Viagra (sildenafil) for a very discounted rate with our Harbor Town Pharmacy Discount Plan. You will need a prescription for either of these medications. Contact us today with questions or to transfer your prescription. 


Bedroom Therapy Coffee and Capsules

Bedroom Therapy is a dietary herbal supplement for men that can increase libido and stamina. Ingredients include humifuse euphorbia, eucommia, burdock, panax ginseng, morinda root, horny goat weed, barbary wolfberry fruit, and amylum. 


Contraception and Family Planning 

We carry emergency contraceptives that are available without a prescription. With a prescription, we offer generic birth control for $5 for a month supply or $15 for a 3-month supply if you do not have insurance. We also sell personal lubricants, condoms, and pregnancy tests over-the-counter. 


Feminine Health 

We sell over-the-counter Monistat, UTI test strips, AZO for UTI symptoms, and probiotics especially for women. 

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